Jabil Shemer consists of two companies: Shemer Metal and Shemer Motion. The two companies are located in Israel. We have 300 EEs and 13,000 square meters of production floor capacity.

Jabil Shemer specializes in CM (contract manufacturing) for high tech capital equipment manufacturers.

Our main focus is on HMLV (High Mix Low Volume) complex tools. We operate in cyclical markets which undergo frequent ramps and decelerations.

Jabil `Shemer provides end-to-end solutions, from prototype design and manufacturing through NPI and SPI production to legacy tool production, service and support.

Our inbuilt design and production capabilities include sheet metal parts, machined parts, cables and PDUs. These capabilities enable us to offer our clients the following benefits:

1. Commercial gains in terms of low ownership costs.

2. Operational excellence with short lead times, high flexibility and 100% on time delivery (OTD).